marginalia elaborates clothes, that in addition to their practical use have a communicative character. Explore and prioritize generative principles of parametric type, over an author’s aesthetic. Each result is unique but not elitist, it is affordable, inclusive. It uses popular materials that are cheap, recycled or disused.

Aqui é o fim do mundo
Aqui é o fim do mundo
Aqui é o fim do mundo

Minha terra tem palmeiras
Onde sopra o vento forte
Da fome, do medo e muito
Principalmente da morte
Olelê, lalá                 

canción “Marginalia II” (fragmento).
Letra: Torquato Neto / Música: Gilberto Gil.


This project is in charge of Liliam Dooley and Ivette Corcho, and is open to collaborations.
It is sold at Body Art Gallery “La Marca”:Obrapía 108C (bajos) e/Oficios y Mercaderes, Old Havana, Cuba and at an Etsy Shop.