About us

mani1webMarginalia is an open and collaborative design project to encourage and stimulate the creation and production of austere and economically accessible  useful objects: clothing, accessories, furniture, among others; with products generated mainly from the recycling of materials and objects, or from the use of cheap, wasted or disused materials.

Take advantage of what is at hand and experiment creative and astute solutions above an author’s aesthetic.

Many and very diverse can be the creative processes or methods: from the simple re-elaboration or redesign of an existing product, to a more elaborate, experimental creation with semi-processed materials. As a result, we will have inclusive-exclusive (non-elitist but unique) objects, restless and permeated by the popular material culture of their contexts.

This project is in charge of the designers: Liliam Dooley (Miami) and Ivette Corcho (Havana) and is open to collaborations with other creators.

You can find us now at Body Art Gallery “La Marca”:Obrapía 108C (bajos) e/Oficios y Mercaderes, La Habana Vieja, Cuba.